What are some ways to kill a skunk?

When you have a wild animal invade your property you may not know exactly how to get rid of it. You know that wild animals can be very dangerous when you approach them. They immediately get defensive and will either run off or come toward you to try and bite or attack you. Skunks are a little different though, because they don't want to immediately attack. They try to give their predators every opportunity to leave the immediate area before their defense mechanism kicks in. When a skunk feels threatened, they will try to discourage their predators by moving around and looking nervous. If the predator still stays around, they will then turn their body around where the tail end is showing and will proceed to lift their tail. They will look over their shoulder as they spray their victim who they gave plenty of opportunity to leave and they did not heed the warning. When they are ready to get out of the way, by then it is too late and they have to endure the horrible smell that comes with the spray of a skunk. If you have a skunk on your property, chances are they have already found a place to make their den and they are enjoying worms and insects from all over your yard. When you are tired of it, there are some options. If you are limited to what you can do, you may have no other choice but to kill the skunk. Here are some ways that you can kill a skunk in the most humane way possible.

Trap the skunk using a live trap
If you are going to shoot the skunk to kill it, you don't want to give it the chance to run from you as you shoot at it which could end up with the skunk being injured, thus becoming an easy victim to its predator because it can't run away. To trap a skunk, you will need to watch the skunk for a few days to figure out where the natural path the skunk takes is and when it leaves its den and when it returns. You will want to set the live trap in the entrance way to the den while the skunk is still inside so it has no other choice but to exit the den through the trap. You will want to put some food to entice the skunk out of the den and into the trap, such as cat or dog food. You want to walk away from the trap as soon as you set it so the skunk will feel comfortable coming out of the den to do their regular daily routine. Check the trap on several occasions during the day or evening so you don't leave it in the cage for a long period of time. This builds up the anxiety of the skunk and they may become very eager to spray you as quickly as they see you coming towards them. Every time you check the trap, be sure to walk up to it with a blanket so you can cover your face as you approach the trap. If the skunk sees you then they may want to spray you. They won't spray you if they can't see your face. It's when they make eye contact that they will spray.

Trap the skunk using a lethal trap
Another option when killing a skunk is to use lethal traps. This type of trap is fairly efficient but not completely. In many cases, this type of trap is dangerous because it snaps shut quickly once the skunk steps into it. You should also know that other animals, including pets, can become trapped inside the trap and become injured or die in this type of trap. Once these traps are set, you will want to check the trap frequently in order to ensure that no animal is lying in the trap suffering.

Using poison
If at all possible, this method should not be used due to the many dangers it causes. Not only can pets eat the poison and die, children can get into it as well. This method is also not good for the environment. When possible, avoid using this method.

Alternatives to killing a problem skunk
If you are struggling to get rid of a skunk that is causing damage to your property, consider hiring a professional to come in and take care of the skunk for you.

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